Migrate People to Matrix

Not exactly a Feature Request, but a request. Beam should begin an initiative to move people from their Telegram (and Discord?) channel to Matrix. It is a much more privacy-serious platform. To many in the privacy-centered community, merely using Telegram is proof of lack of seriousness. Maybe small bounties could be used to encourage migration?


Fully admitting. Privacy for communication is an essential.


I’ve used Matrix in the past with a close group of friends and it eventually got forgotten. The clients for Matrix on the phone not exactly top quality, the messages when encrypted don’t replicate so easily on all devices with the same account.

Telegram has been a good platform, with a great bot interface for increasing user interaction so maybe this does not need to be an exclusive situation, especially because both telegram and twitter help to bring activity and they connect to other groups existing on telegrams (e.g. language specific crypto discussions from outside groups).

With this said, if you create a group on matrix then I will join. But mostly because of private conversations, because the rest is still pretty much on telegram for me.

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A lot of my thinking here is about image: Telegram is not a serious app for highly privacy conscious people. Telegram is for on-boarding noobs.

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Sure, go ahead and motivate people into matrix.

Monero is discussed mostly on telegram / open forums. Wownero uses telegram / IRC and the list goes on.

Beam is tiny by comparison to those and yet you propose to isolate the community even further.

By all means go ahead and try it for a few months. If it grows active then I’ll change to over there too.


Monero community primarily uses IRC + Matrix via the monero.social home server:

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