Test Voting: The name for the Beam Anonymous Messenger

Hi Everyone!

We are starting the process of on chain voting for BeamX DAO (f’inally) and to kick it off we are going to have a test vote. And a fun one. Here is the plan

Next voting Epoch #17 starts in about 30 hours! What we need to do by that time is:

  1. Lock some amount of BeamX to vote
  2. Decide on the best name for the Beam Anonymous Messenger and the Facilitator will create a proposal (since currently votes are Yes / No only)

Please send your suggestions for the name in replies to this post and we will have a short informal vote on Twitter later today


My suggestion: Beam Whisper

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quill pen used to write letters… my choice: Feather

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I got another idea:
Be a messenger → Beamessenger!

sounds cool, I like it

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As discussed on Telegram:

  • BAM (Beam Anonymous Messenger) - It’s a good name, short and impactful. And it includes the brand name “Beam”.

Unfortunately it is already taken by the freshly released Beam Asset Minter (which, in terms of marketing impact, does not really deserve to have a particularly cool name). So a possibility would be to keep BAM for the messenger, and simply rename the Asset Minter.

For the later, any of the following could be used for its new name:

  • SAM (Secure Asset Minter) - Secure because it limits the max supply
  • CAM (Confidential Asset Miner) - Makes sense because CA = “Confidential Asset”, and thus CAM = “CA Minter”
  • BCAM (Beam Confidential Asset Minter) - Just because we like to add “Beam” everywhere! :slight_smile:

Was also proposed in Telegram, simple and plain (which is good in terms of marketing) and which clearly include the brand name “Beam”:

  • Beam Messenger

Another idea: The messenger will be based on the Secure BBS system. So a name starting with “Secure” would also make sense.

Maybe this then?

  • SAM (Secure Anonymous Messenger) - Some might like it because “Sam” sounds like a person’s name that we might want to discuss with?
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“Come talk to Sam!” sounds like a good marketing quote :rofl:

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By the way: Does the Beam girl already have a name? :wink:

encryption legend: Enigma, for something very important and confidential

I think her name was Makoto

I think this is the way to go.
Keep BAM for the Messenger and rename the Asset minter.

  1. CAM ( Confidential Asset Minter )
  2. BCAM (Beam Confidential Asset Minter)
  3. SAM (Secure Asset Minter)

about SAM, I dont like the idea of having “secure” in there. We shouldn’t need to state that it’s secure.

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good idea, but the Enigma code was eventually cracked. We don’t want that to happen to our messenger or connect these 2 things.
Naming it ‘Enigma’ could lead to some unconscious doubts :thinking:

Another idea generated by ChatGPT which mixes cyberpunk, anonymity and blockchain elements: CiperWhisper

Think keeping it simple is key.

What I think of:

-Naming without direkt connection to Beam:

Example: Sesson - imo they have choosen a great name.

Maybe BeamChat should also just use one word like “veiled”.

-Speak out Beam in name:

Sth. memorable who even people without Beam experience can work with.

F.e. including Beam in the name in order to stand out from other immediately like BeamChat. Easy to spell and also speading the word for Beam.

Peronally also the names like “cipher” are sounding great.

edit: Beam Messenger also a great and simple name.

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Beam Messenger or name without “beam”. For example GhostWire, CypherWire

As far as I understand, the messenger won’t be a standalone super cool and feature-rich app. We are not competing with Telegram or Signal here. We are talking about a very simple messenger that can be easily built on top of the SBBS (and maybe also the HTML/CSS/JS display capabilities) which are already included in the Beam Wallet.

Thus, I think that the name should not be too ambitious or too distant from Beam. It’s just yet another feature of Beam ecosystem.

As a consequence, I believe that simple names that include the word “Beam” make more sense (e.g. Beam Messenger, BAM, etc.).


Just “Anonymous Messenger” could also work. I think it would be best if the name was short and clearly conveys what it is and includes its most important feature that being anonymity


Suggestion: Beamagram