Project priorities, Maya Protocol please

The most recent Beam Spaces was good. I quite like the idea of a special guest each week. And in this recent episode, there was mention of looking at cBridge again. And while i have no knowledge or particular opinions on this, I was thinking to myself, what I’d really want to see is beam integrated with Maya Protocol. Am not pretending it would be easy but, for me at least, the benefits would be very practical.

As you may already know, Maya Protocol is a friendly fork of Thorchain. In fact, you can switch between the two within the Thor Wallet.

The interesting part of Maya Protocol is, they are open to integrating privacy coins. This is in contrast to Thorchain that rejected Dash due to fears of attracting undue attention. This is not very logical though because Thorchain includes litecoin which has it’s own variant of MimbleWimble.

Personally - and I appreciate I’m probably in a minority here - I actually never use browser extensions, and thus I am excluded from lots of DeFi opportunities that require them to bridge assets (metamask etc). I’d just rather avoid centralised services and limit my exposure to potential security exploits. Maya Protocol OTOH is quite the opposite.

Anyway, I just wanted to air my thoughts on this. Perhaps I am alone with this thought, or not, who knows.


I’ve not done much digging into Maya, but I agree that we should be on such a cross-chain DEX. And other privacy coins too (Firo, Zano, Monero…). Thorchain is proving to be a good solution, and Maya being open to privacy coins it sounds as the best choice indeed.