Have a Chinese language option for Beam.mw

There is huge potential for Beam in China. China is a place with little to no privacy and freedom of speech due to its government. Beam can offer privacy and censorship resistance to the Chinese citizens. It would be a mutual beneficial relationship between the two. A good start would be to offer a Chinese language option to beam.mw.

Right now the price of Beam is at a very low point. And many westerners focus more on the price than what Beam is capable off. Now there is China where people would be much more interested in what the Beam wallet is capable off. Soon the Beam wallet will support Anonymous messaging. That is something they will appreciate over there due to the government censoring and arresting them based on their (supposed to be) private messages.

China is a great opportunity because it’s a ginormous country that mainly lacks privacy and security.

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This can be contributed by the community!

Have a look at BeamMW translations in Crowdin
Simplified chinese translation is 58% done… :wink:


This is great! Thanks for letting me know

It says project suspended when I try to translate. Do you know why that is?

edit: It’s fixed

If you are on Telegram, the people who are currently interested in helping with finishing the translations are in Telegram: Contact @beamdevsupport

Telegram is much to privacy infringing to me