Bring regular news & updates back

Seems like the telegram Beam news channel, Substack, Reddit and Bitcointalk are not being updated anymore since August.
I think we need to reconsider bring some of them back.
Also the Twitter main account can probably be more active.
I’m not sure who was the maintainer behind them, but if they are not willing to do so anymore, the community maybe can takeover.
We are in the bull market now, please don’t waste the opportunity.


Who is in charge of marketing and community engagement?

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Nobody really, I think. Alex and Maxnflaxn are very present and interact with the community on Telegram, Discord and Twitter. And Alex does a one-hour X Space every week. But nobody is in charge of marketing per se. We have a TG channel for “marketing” discussions (Telegram: Contact @beam_marketing) but it’s just us, some Beamers.