There couldnt be a better moment for BEAM

Ridiculous stuff happening with tornado cash, this is the moment for beam to put some effort into marketing.

I would suggest an all out approach while people are at least starting to realise how important privacy is.

As far as i could catch up with, devs built some kick ass advancements, so what are you waiting really? The world needs to hear about BEAM.

I learned about beam couple years ago, i was doing just art back then, found the tech cool tho i didnt get deep in it.

Years later, im a web dev and a digital marketer, i hear about tornado news, think about what other intruments we have to protect our privacy. Check out beam, its grown so much, its a couple steps away from being evm compatible.

My marketer mind is aroused.


In the latest roadmap update in DAPPS from 3rd parties it says “Beam Outreach App will incentivize our community to spread awareness on various media channels. Let’s make the world know about Beam!”

I’m not entirely sure what that encompasses but it sounds good