Beam Awareness Ideas (Marketing / Bizdev)

Beam has limited resources to work with as we all know. But a lot of great tech has been built and continues being built even as they lose manpower. Perhaps the glory days being over are inevitable but perhaps not. Many folks are not aware of Beam. This not only prevents attracting new external devs to build new cool stuff on Beam, it also makes the existing Beam funds worth less and less in retaining core devs and makes the network less secure if miners leave. Here is a list of ideas I’ve thought of or heard (I’m sure there are pros and cons to each, not necessarily saying these are the golden foolproof solutions) and we can keep brainstorming from there:

• MiMo’s CoinTelegraph connection to suggest a PriFi section in return for a free article post about Beam

• Extend dev fund emission for dev work

• Dex fees to dao and sell more beamx to new investors for funds specifically for bizdev

• Get other big crypto folks (influencers, team leads) onto Beam Space or get Alex and Vlad and others onto other virtual spaces

• Community fund for marketing and building out dev docs (could even set up a contract to lock the Beam to keep whoever gets paid it from selling immediately into low liquidity)

• Official Beam Foundation / leadership folks keep contacting new exchanges and actually report here what they say back. Any big exchanges but particularly try US ones too that are lacking. Try to get back on Binance too

• Seek out grants for developing x or integrating x (someone I think it was dirtyrusski mentioned ethereum classic but there’s binance fund and others I’m sure) or simply from big privacy orgs like EFF

Idk what else?


Another suggestion from someone was airdrops of BeamX. And regarding that there are even websites that track them so could notify them. This is similar but slightly adjacent to the proposed BeamX rewards for activity/provisions in the Nephrite Liquidation pool and AMM liquidity, because it could also include dapp builders and miners


I hope we raise marketing activity to top priority after DEX and NPH launch


Zano is having CoinTelegraph interview for confidential assets.
We are not numb.1 anymore :rofl:

Indeed. But confidential assets “only”. We are still one step in front of all with Beam’s confidential smart contracts. CAs are only one element of PriFi. Privacy preserving smart contracts is the killing feature.

The draft of article we proposed on Telegram would still make sense after theirs. Pushing PriFi further than Zano and others…

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