$BEAM de-listing, must accept some responsibility for no backup plan

Imo beam has made several large mistakes and I have actually warned of these before. Despite the shortcomings, I still like this project a lot because I think the various people involved are intelligent and passionate with their work.

Anyway, I will cut to the chase and repeat my mantra until someone listens.

Money is something you Earn, Spend and Save.

If the Beam Team had built up sufficient earning capabilities, the Binance de-listing would of hurt less. So come on, I hope you recognize now that a developer heavy team is not balanced enough. If you want to progress you must build up your bizdev and marketing efforts.



Grin seems to be doing alright at least.

Someone trade me a little BeamX so I can lock it away forever (if you can even withdraw BeamX to me that is)… I was never able to get the X tokens :frowning:

I was excited to use the coin when getting my first wallet setup, from what I read it was supposed to be a more private version of Ethereum. Unfortunately every feature has a brick wall you run into.

Ethereum-like Defi, staking, proof of work, and liquid pairs with Monero-level privacy would have been cool if it ever worked.

Beam had the prettiest website and native wallet app at least… lol.

It’s fine though, promising products and platforms fail all of the time. Not sure Beam will have any Sega Dreamcast level nostalgia though.

I don’t think Beam is dead but I can send some BeamX to you. I just need the address in order to be able to send it

Backup plan = Bridges & DEX
BizDev = fair, but in a good project, this is mostly done by the community too

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You will be able to get BeamX on the soon to be released DEX by providing liquidity.
That was said in the Beam Space.

Or you could use the asset swap feature of course

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Yep, while the Eth bridge is certainly helpful to onboard from fiat, as well as atomic swaps, as well as other medium sized exchanges and swap services that leverage them, I wish there was more team transparency on listing on exchanges to grow the ecosystem. AKA what were the specific exchanges tried for, what was the response (I know some ask for a lot of $, but what about others), why no American exchanges, etc…? I also know Beam is a unique node system and harder to list than an ERC20, and that a unique system was previously built for Binance to manage it specially, and perhaps the ongoing Ledger integration will help with this? Idk. Also wish they would interface with larger liquidity DEX solutions like a Thorchain (or I think there might be a Maya clone intended for privacy assets)

And just like you said, you can make the best product in the world but if people don’t know about it nobody will ever use it. Obviously money doesn’t grow on trees and funds need to be prioritized but yeah, marketing (paid and by word of mouth on social media) is key!

And to add an addendum to this, this isn’t just about onboarding new folks to Beam, or supporting daytraders, it’s also essential that devs who get paid in Beam can support themselves in our modern fiat world

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I think that the beam project could benefit tremendously from having some talks with the open source shape shift DAO. Here is a link to their discord ShapeShift and here is a link to their open source noncustodial trading platform. https://app.shapeshift.com/ formally shapeshift inc has operated in the crypto space for over a decade always with user privacy and self custody at the front of mind. I believe if some people from the team contact them they may be able to help with on ramping and off ramping customers from all over the world.

I used nano.trade and it’s impressive IMO so I bought beam.trade in hopes it can be added to the half dozen coins already on nano.trade

What do you mean by buying beam.trade?

trade is a TLD


Oh so you actually bought a domain. Cool!