[ANN] BeamAssets - confidential assets at a glance

Hello world!
We are presenting BeamAssets.com

We provide:

  • Relevant CA metrics at a glance
  • New CAs are reflected instantly
  • Structured display of current CA Swap offers

→ No need to open the desktop wallet just to see what’s trading

We’re just starting and have a bag full of ideas and future plans.
Constructive feedback is always welcome!


Nice idea! Also, incorporating a FAQ or how-to page will help users understand how beamassets.com functions and what its features are.

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:
As a response, we’ve added tooltips for now. Hopefully they will help with clarity. A more elaborate FAQ will eventually come later. Also we’ve incorporated some optical upgrades.

Is there any specific doubt you would like to see addressed in a future FAQ?

Love it!
Really great initiative.

Suggestion - for future - it would be wicked to see the prices of the assets as per the dex, and even liquidity and other metrics, or charts.

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Hi Angus, thank you for the feedback and especially for the shout out during the Beam Space!
We will launch some of these features shortly after the dex is released…