Nephrite short update

Hi to the Beam community!

We are constantly monitoring all Beam channels and in the last 2 months there have been a lot of questions about the Nephrite stable asset launch, and indeed the community deserves an update.

Since the launch of Dappnet, we have fixed many issues with the dapp (mostly UI/UX improvements) and stayed idle from developing to some extent, we are constantly observing the regulatory environment forming in front of our eyes.

As you guys recall, we wanted to have Gold as a stable asset, the recent movement from regulatory agencies combined with the feedback we received from the community makes us want to push it to a stable USD, as it seems that the collateralized stables are outside the regulation for now, so we are examining USD again.

If all goes well, we shall aim to create a DAO voting for BeamX as a reward for LPs in a month time

Will keep the community posted soon


Yay! We are really looking forward to it, as every DeFi ecosystem needs a stable asset. With DEX and bridges out, we are in the right direction! Please reach out if you need help in spreading the word.


Good news. Your work is very important for the Beam ecosystem, keep it up!


Welcome back Nephrite :people_hugging: