BeamAssets - first community funding proposal

First community funding proposal:

I started working on BeamAssets → as a personal project approximately in September last year, when the release of Asset Swaps was anticipated. The website which you know today is the result of hundreds of hours invested.

Now with the upcoming DEX release I’ve been starting to look into which additional tools will be needed so that the Beam Community as a whole can have the best possible experience. We all know websites such as Dextools or Poocoin in the Ethereum ecosystem. So creating something similar for Beam is the next big milestone that I have in mind.

An example of what I’ve been working on recently:
All numbers and data you see here are collected live from the DEX on Dappnet.
The price action in this chart was caused by a trading bot I used to generate some data for testing.

So here is my first funding proposal:

It’s a humble request to help me with server maintenance costs. All the work and expenses I have put in so far have been out of my own volution and for my own entertainment.

The goal is to gather between 5k and 10k Beam or BeamX from the community, which will help me cover the costs of running the server for about 12 months. If we gather 10k, this would cover 18 months or more!

The soonTM of what you can expect to find on BeamAssets in the near future:

- Charts (as in above example) for ALL DEX trading pairs. Even if you create a TICO / TQR trading pair, it will be on there!
- A comprehensive table on the main homepage including prices and volumes. This makes it easy to find active and popular trading pairs
- A whole bunch of extra features which I will not talk about at this stage

I really would love to see some support from the community to help with these basic infrastructure costs!

“Why should I contribute to this?”

First of all, helping BeamAssets survive as a project is a great way to support the Beam ecosystem. Beam DeFi is still mostly an idea. Every small but REAL project counts and will be instrumental in making Beam DeFi a reality. Having at least one service such as BeamAssets is absolutely necessary.

Secondly, this is not the Beam core team. This project is completely independent. Something very important for a healthy ecosystem. Do not expect everything to come from Team Beam! Independent projects really are the key to long-term success.

By helping this project to continue and grow you are helping your own Beam investment.

“Ok. So if I contribute, is there something in it for me?” …. Well, maybe….

If at any future time I decide to create a token for BeamAssets (or even a different future project), I would like to be able to gift some to those people who supported BeamAssets at this stage. This is not a promise that BeamAssets will have its own CA, but if it happens, your contributions won’t be forgotten!

Additionally, there will be an exclusive Telegram group for contributors who send at least 150 Beam/BeamX. Group members will get occasional previews of what I am working on and will be able to give feedback on design decisions.

How to contribute:

For this rather symbolic amount I want to keep it as simple as possible. I will report the received amounts periodically in this forum thread in the form of wallet screenshots. I know, this is not the optimal method for transparency, but after having reviewed various options, this is the most practical approach and above all the most SIMPLE one for the amounts proposed here.

Option a) use the Telegram tipbot and send to @iDoHaveAtgHandleNow – Do this in a public Beam channel, so everyone can easily verify.
Please send all you intend to donate in one single tip (or two if it has to be). This makes it easier for me to keep track of who gave how much.
If you choose this method, do it like this (without the { } brackets):

/tip @iDoHaveAtgHandleNow {amount} {name of asset beam/beamX} {add a non-expiring Beam address (choose expiry time “never”) that belongs to you – use SBBS address if possible, because it is shorter}

Option b) send to the public offline address (copy-paste or use the QR code).
If you choose this method, I will need from you:
1. kernel ID
2. TX ID
3. The amount of Beam/BeamX you have send.
4. A non-expiring Beam address (choose expiry time “never”) that belongs to you.

You can either post this information publicly in this thread or send it to me privately in either Telegram or here in the forum. This method is less transparent for the public, but for some it might be more convenient.

Public offline address (QR will work on second try):




! Please read this first before doing anything !

As someone mentioned, the GUI wallets don't offer creation of non-expiring addresses.

So here are three options for addresses that will work:
  • Maybe the easiest method that was suggested is: You can scroll all the way down in your address book and find the “default” address. This one never expires.

  • Alternative 1: use the public offline address

  • Alternative 2: create a normal address which will will expire, but add a comment to it so you can easily find it again. After about two months it will expire. Thereafter you can find it in your address book in the “expired” section. At any time in future you will be able to “edit” the address and reactivate it. But in order to do that it is important to add a comment, so you will recognize it.

The first option is probably the easiest and most elegant one. But all three work.

EDIT: Also something you should be aware of: if you reinstall your wallet from seed phrase, all your addresses (except the public offline address) will be lost. So if that is a concern for you, public offline address will be safest.


Appreciate the effort sir!
I will send my tip later today with the Beam tip bot.
Let’s make beamassets alive through the next bull run!!


I have been looking for something like this for a while thanks so much for putting in the effort to make it happen! Appreciate it very much, donation sent, I cant seem to see how to send you a private message though.

Thanks a lot for your support both of you! Very much appreciated.
@Dude, i’ve send you a private message just now. it should be visible as a notification in the upper right corner of the screen…
If not, you can click on my profile name and there should be the option to send a message as well :slight_smile:

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Here is the first wallet screenshot from just few minutes ago. I blacked out my local time for privacy reasons.

between this screenshot and the Telegram tipbot we’re at 3110 Beam already!


Awesome! I hope to see a lot more people contribute this is a much needed tool for our community!

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Awesome! This will benefit beam a lot

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Great work!
Your tools should be on Beam website too!

I hope there will be a better way to donate and regularly track the progress.
I’m willing to commit to donating 400 Beam a month if you will keep maintaining and improving the tools!

BeamAsset for the win!


This is really awesome to see! You are doing amazing work (and indeed, you are humble!)

The BeamBots would like to support in any way possible. Aside from sending funds (1000 BEAM, 100 BEAMX & 1000 BB), we would like to help by spreading the word about your tools!

Please tag/ping us on Telegram whenever you need a Twitter/Telegram push or feedback.

We would also suggest registering a BANS address, as it makes it easier to send donations.

Lastly, there was a recent mention on Space about a crowdsourcing platform, we will try to push the team on a weekly basis, as this is exactly the kind of effort that would benefit from such a platform.


EDIT: i will update in a moment. my last screenshot didn’t include the donation from BeamBots.

Total donations have officially reached over 10k!!


I am overwhelmed with this incredible support!

I did not expect this to even reach 5k.

Total received amount between Tipbot and below wallet screenshot:

10,721 BEAM + 100 BEAMX + 1,000 BB

Absolutely amazing!

The 400 Beam donor, please get in touch in private message… :wink:


Glad to see so many people coming through with the donations, i think people who are interested and invested in beam are hungry for development… They just don’t know where to go or who to talk to about making things happen.


Another anonymous donation of 1337 BEAM was received :sparkling_heart:
Very much appreciated! Donors who haven’t revealed themselves yet (2 if i remember correctly), you can contact me any time via private message.


Work in progress… :slight_smile:

Just wanted to show that these basic functionalities are ready. This currently uses data from the DEX on Dappnet.

Switching to Mainnet later on and putting it live on the website will certainly require some small fixes here and there.

Search: find trading pairs by asset IDs or asset names.


Charts: keep in mind this is on Dappnet with very low trading activity.



That looks very good!

If charts like this could some how be implemented in the DEX directly kinda like how it is on pancake swap that would be perfect

or if the DEX could be implemented where the charts are :wink:

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But a website is more centralized than the DEX is I think. It’s probably easier to take down the website than to take down the dapp. Being censorship resistant would be ideal

Correct. Also Pancake is centralized.
Virtually all known dapp interfaces people are using today on ETH, BSC and so on are centralized.

Beam allows to create standalone DApp interfaces that only run locally in your wallet. But naturally such a truly decentralized app will be rather minimalistic.

Charts require 'a lot of data processing. That will only be possible in a centralized way.

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