CA metrics and auditability

Based on Ethereum experience, there will be many scam coins on Beam too. And they might be harder to spot, due to confidentiality.

Maybe some basic transparency about CA’s general status could be provided, so that people can do basic due diligence about them.

Possible metrics to be provided (to be discussed):

  • Already provided: Asset ID, Name, socials, existing supply, etc.
  • Supply immutably capped or not.
  • Date of creation.
  • Supply history.
  • Number of holders.
  • Volume of transactions (in number and/or volume) since creation / in the last 12 months / last month / last week.
  • Other?.…


  • Holders distribution: A full histogram would be too much, but maybe provide some quartiles (e.g. 25%/50%/75% of the coins are in the hands of x/y/z holders).

Update from the Telegram discussions and comments:

  • Independently of what could be technically possible, anything related to holders distribution is a no go, as it goes against the core idea of Beam as a privacy chain.
  • Even only the number of holders of a CA seems, for many, to be too much information to be publicly available. Also, it’s an unreliable information anyways, as it can easily be gamed using multiple wallets.
  • On the other hand, date of creation of a CA and its supply history (i.e. when were the tokens minted, and how much were minted each time) are interesting and acceptable pieces of information to provide for a CA.
  • The information about capped/uncapped supply is also important, of course.

Remark: Supply history is probably already available, and will try to look into that for its next version.


Update: Supply history for each CA is indeed available. is now displaying it for each asset (with date, block and amount issued/burnt).