Beam Anonymous Messenger (BAM)

This is a proposal to implement a Beam Anonymous Messenger (BAM)

BAM (temporary name) is a proposal for a Beam Anonymous Messenger to offer private person-to-person text messaging with addon features to exchange value.

Functional requirements:

  1. Must be free or starts with an initial one time fee.
  2. Either build as a Dapp or natively into the Beam Wallet.
  3. Implement BAM on top of SBBS.
  4. Supports sending and receiving of text messages.
  5. Supports contacting an NFT owner by public key (multiple assets) or by article id (single asset).
  6. Supports contacting a BANS address.
  7. Supports the sending and receiving of Beam and confidential assets (CA) in chat.
  8. Sent and received messages are stored locally only.
  9. Must also work when the recipient is offline.
  10. A fixed max delivery period when a recipient is offline, example 12 hours.
  11. Must be able to enable/disable the receiving of messages from anyone.
  12. Must be able to block individual senders.
  13. Show a checkmark when a message is delivered.

Future releases

  1. Group chat.
  2. Message cancellation before and/or after delivery.
  3. Support for emoticons

You can also post this idea in “Creating Some Killer dapps”


A small fee for every message which is distributed to the miners would be beneficial for the security of the network due attracting miners while also limiting spam. Maybe after a certain number of messages per f.e. hour a progressive increase of fees.

In connection with BANS (if enabled) it would easy to use for everyone.

As you already mentioned it should be only stored locally and p2p. Maybe build in an option for messages to be only stored in RAM.

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If the message could be included in already existing blocks, then surely there would be no need to apply extra fees? Imho a messenger app such as the one descibed by OP, should be totally free to use.
Nobody will use a messenger app which costs them money to send every message ?

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Who is OP? Messages will not be included in any block, just the fees if that is what you mean and how could they be included in existing blocks? Further i agree that BAM should be free, however we also need to prevent that someone will spam the nodes. Maybe a threshold under which messaging is free would be sufficient. Above that introduce a progressive fee and maybe a throttle. What is your suggestion? How would you solve this?