Inject DAGknight

Inject DAGknight.

It would take the project to another level, I don’t know if this is possible. But the projects needs this.

It would improve the project in every way, marketing wise, function wise.


My take on this is that DAG knight and EVM are two somehow conflicting techs.
So we probably have to wait until EVM came out and see what we can do next(because EVM is under development now)

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Having the speed and scalability allowed by DAGknight with privacy of Beam would be an Holy Grail of crypto! :grinning:

And what I get from the latest Space by Alex Romanov, is that once EVM compatibility is done, they will look at it (and Guy Corem’s post on X asked about it too).

However, they already know that there will be some serious technical challenges to handle Smart Contracts, and also with the FlyClient verification tool.

Nonetheless, hybrid solutions could maybe also be possible (like a situation where value transfer is fast with DAG, while smart contracts remain slow).

In any case, the feasibility of it needs some investigation. And for sure Beam devs are talented enough to take the challenge!

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