Creating some killer DAPP(s)

Hey all,

I wanted to start this thread as a place for the community to start throwing ideas and brainstorming what DAPPs they would really like to see in the Beam ecosystem. The time is coming for DAPPs to start going live, which I’m incredibly excited for.

There are no rules, so by all means let your imaginations run wild!
The more you share on your killer DAPP the better, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions.

Let’s go!

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I am waiting for the play to earn game which was about to launch after the beam nft competition.
Also, Dapp similar to Aave will be great where users can lend and borrow. It will be great =)


I think the numbers game idea is a good option. some math test game which you earn nft items.


That would be great =)

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I propose to create an application that will create a CA. After that, the user can block their BEAM coins and receive the coins of the created CA at a predetermined exchange rate. At any time, he can make a reverse exchange. For example, you can create a Vlad Club mini-coin worth 262.8 BEAM. In total, a limited number of such coins can be issued, for example, 10,000. When converting, the user does not lose anything, he pays only the network commission.
In the future, after the creation of bridges with other blockchains, based on this application, it will be possible to create CAs tied to several different assets, similar to an investment portfolio. It will also be possible to create a CA pegged to multiple stablecoins to mitigate risk.


A game similar to the Slayer, where you use Beam or Groth: you buy equipment, skills, develop your character, exchange goods, create clans, fight monsters, etc.

An application that will allow a user with any level of knowledge to easily create (destroy) a CA will be useful. This will remove the barrier to a wide audience.

In fairness, it’s going to be 10 Beam to create a CA. Which removes the biggest barrier to creating a CA.

If you can’t look up / learn a few command lines, then you probably shouldn’t be creating confidential assets.

My guide to assist you, is here: Creating a Confidential Asset on Beam

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The idea was that people who don’t want to or can’t find and learn a few lines of code can create their own CA. Why should they be limited? To send a transaction, you do not need to study the code, there is a convenient wallet.

It really doesn’t need to be a DAPP.
there’s already a code generator on the Block Explorer:

I understand that it is not difficult. But if it could be done in a wallet so that anyone not familiar with the command line could create a CA, that would be a competitive advantage for the project. Cryptocurrencies gradually penetrate from the circle of cryptopunks (people who understand how cryptocurrency works) to people who are not technically able to understand this, but who want to use cryptocurrencies.