Improvements for the next NFT marketplace update

Dear Beam community!

We understand that marketplace V2 is a temporary version in the path to a better V3 marketplace, we appreciate the huge effort that was done by the team! Having an IPFS connected and the ability to mint confidential NFTs is not something we take lightly!

We do not have visibility of any battle-necks or what are the dev priority for features or other DAPPs, but we do feel it’s our duty to push for the best marketplace possible (important to note: we do speak from a position, as we count on some of these features to deliver some of the $BB tokens to our beloved BeamBots holders).

Thus, we compiled a list of features we believe are critical to have for a thriving confidential NFT community - the list ordered by importance (in our humble opinions):


  • Drop NFTs & CAs to PK and NFT holders
  • Filtering\Sorting
  • Auction & bidding functions


  • Recently added NFTs & collections
  • Recently sold NFTs

Nice to have:

  • Dedicated aggregated stats page (top NFT collections ranked by volume, floor price, number of items, NFTs who bought from artist [beam version of numbers of owner], last 24 hours/7 days volume, numbers of burned asset by artist)
  • Ability for artist to burn assets
  • FAQ (like in BANS) - we are willing to compile it

Food for thoughts, if we would not generate a new Public Key to each asset trade we would potentially have the ability to “identify” users and to drop them reward, in our opinion its not a huge scarifies of privacy compare to the usability and network effect it might bring.

We are also calling the community to give their feedback (both users and artists), so that we can shape the future of the marketplace together.

The BeamBots Team


Great Info, thanks for announcing it

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• I’ll recommend the marketplace should display random NFTs by default to users. This will provide an equal chance to every artist to display their work.
• One should a sorf NFTs feature (as stated by BeamBots), onr should be able to sort NFTs based on Volume, Trending, or maybe on different criterias.
• A search feature would be great. As a buyer one have to navigate through many pages to search for the NFT, it would be great if one could search the NFT instead of surfing through many pages.
• FAQ is a great idea. I am also volunteering to work on it.
• I am not sure about not generating a new public key for every purchase. There must be an another way. Will love to hear from devs.

Thanking you,
Aryan Malhotra, Confidential Numbers :wink:

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Hi everyone, so glad to be participating in this great project and able to not only use it to make my vision come to life - but also to suggest new improvements.

Most of my suggestions would revolve around ways to increase the potential “gamification” of this platform, and thereby make it more attractive for creators.

  1. NFTs as individual assets are wonderful; but what is badly needed are SEMI-fungible tokens - using the nft standard. This shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

For example, instead of issuing NFTs one by one on the blockchain, having each one approved, and each be a separate entry in my catalog, I desperately need the ability to mass issue multiple NFTs of a given token, or card. Consider if I want to make a relatively common card that has an issuance of 100 or 1000, I have to individually mint 100 or 1000 tokens which is impractical. And yet that would make a great use in a game where you want to have a semi-rare powerup or token that up to 1000 people would potentially have. We need a way to issue mass amounts of a token, almost like a merger between NFTs and confidential assets.

  1. That being said, one of the more fanciful ideas I have is a proposal for a gacha-like mechanic that is built into the Beam blockchain itself. Essentially the system works like this: a creator puts a certain NFT up as a prize (in a fully realized system there can be multiple NFTs up as a prize, but lets use a simple example to start). A creator puts an NFT up as a prize, and users can send a non-trivial amount of Beam to the creator’s address to “play” for the NFT. When that transaction is resolved, if the block hash of the block it is resolved in meets certain criteria of rarity (for example a hash that has a 1/100 or 1/1000 chance of hapening) then the NFT is automatically sent to the player who first submitted a valid bid. Perhaps if they player does not meet the criteria for the top grand prize, they can have a more common (back to the semi-fungible mass token idea) sent to them instead. Essentially what I’m proposing is an in-blockchain lootbox mechanic, that creators can customize. The only way to subvert this is if someone dominates the hash power of the Beam network to game the result of the block anyway - and presumably that will be worth more than a simple NFT. This system fails if the value of the NFT that players are competing for becomes valuable enough that a player has incentive to overpower the entire network. As an additional measure, the resultant hash can be hashed against another blockchain.

  2. As an extension of the earlier idea, NFT booster packs would be wonderful to have. For example, a creator can load their “machine” with a set amount of various NFTs and players can buy a random assortment of X cards for a set price. They might get several common cards, but also have a shot at rare cards as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions; if they are impossible or impractical to implement then also accept my apologies. They are things that no blockchain has successfully implemented with widespread popularity yet, and could really set Beam apart. Counterparty and Ethereum have both come close, but fallen short.

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