Beam NFT Gallery Feature Request


Back on January 25th Beam posted a feature set to Beam gallery 2.0, the suggested “Artist Tools” drove BeamBots to draft a Lightpaper & tokenomics around these tools to create an NFT based DAO with a goal to promote Beam and projects on its ecosystem.

On June 20th, BeamBots published its lightpaper based with heavy token distribution elements around these suggested artist tools.

A month later we based on messages in spaces, Twitter, and newsletter, and we got to understand that 2.0 gallery was temporary without all the artist tools, so we decided to push the conversation around the artist tools again so we can deliver our promise to our NFT holders (here is the forum post).

The issue is that even today we do not have the tool to verify the users who hold BeamBots NFTs, and for how long, and even once we have a way to do so - we do not have a way to send them the $BB Token.

Feature request in a brief:
1 - We would like to have a way to verify users NFT holdings, which mean: When they bought, how long they held it, how many NFT from our collection they have.
2 - We would like to have a way to drop/send the eligible users a $BB Token based on their holding and our formulas.

Repeating from our older post but think this worth mentioning as this might be a good solution:

“Food for thought, if we would not generate a new Public Key to each asset trade we would potentially have the ability to “identify” users and to drop them reward, in our opinion it’s not a huge sacrifice of privacy compared to the usability and network effect it might bring.”

References: Lightpaper (pages 4,5 & 7)

Asking for support

While this might sound like a niche feature to serve BeamBots we are sure our distribution will inspire other projects to mimic this distribution model, as it is giving rights to the power users, and making fairer distribution.

We would really like to have at least the verification part ready before the DEX launch, even if this means we will have to do all the distribution in a trusted manual way.

As our whole plan relays on this feature that was communicated from the team we would really appreciate the team and community support on this one - we are also willing to give a smail bounty in $Beam and $BB (amount TBD).

We thank the Beam team for all the hard work - we know how hard it is to develop new tech and have the community happy at the same time!


The BeamBots team :robot:


Few clarifications please:

  1. Do you want to be able to know who held BeamBots in the past? Or only current holders?

  2. Since it is not possible to know whether the same person holds several BeamBots in the current gallery implementation (due to privacy) is it possible to adjust the formula in a way that BB token is dropped per single BeamBots NFT. This way, the person who holds several pieces will receive a proportional reward.

  3. If it is necessary to make the rewards explicitly dependent on number of NFTs held, we might need to add a ZK proof of holding, without sacrificing privacy. This might complicate the first version of the feature and could be separated into a new FR, since this is a useful feature we always wanted to have for various other use cases as well.


Thanks for the prompt reply, here is our answer:

  1. $BB reward is based on user NFT holding at specific milesotens of the project. so yeah we need to know the past too ( which we thought is half way there is even today we can see the “change of hands” but dont know who the hands are - which is ok)

  2. Yeah, your suggestion is ok. We can drop by singel NFT and not accumulated.

  3. Its NOT a must to have the rewards explicitly dependent on number of NFTs held.

We are all in to keep it simple, both to have the feature delivered faster and to have the team focus on other needed feature outside the NFT marketplace, even if it means we will have to do a lot of tidy manual work.



That’s a great idea to be able to send users a token via the NFT Gallery.
I do have one question:
Would everyone be able to send the holder of the NFT coins or only the owner of the Collection?

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As of now, the feature is formulated as an airdrop from the collection owner. There are many ways to send user a token, including BANS. If you see additional use cases, please specify them and we will discuss

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