Got NFT, now what?

So, now I have a beam nft, from inside the desktop wallet I can’t actually do anything with it, apart from sell it. I can’t even right click to save or double click for more info. If I go to the beamnft website, I can see partial info and I can right click to save, but is that a byte for byte copy?

How do I save it?
How do I prove ownership?
Can I add it here as my avatar and have a checkmark to prove ownership?

Desktop nft dapp just slows down to a crawl after a while.
No categories / filters,
No searches, no curation.

This marketplace and the NFT, in general, are still under Alpha if I recall.
it was mentioned in the TG chat that once IPFS integration will complete, they will move forward to Marketplace V2 which will include IPFS, self minting, Beam Token standard, and I assume an improved design and functionalities (the last part is my assumption only)

Yes, I appreciate this. I think it’s very early days and I see so much potential. Can’t wait to see how it evolves.