Beam NFT 2.0 Marketplace Features

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Hey all,

Coming today with some thoughts on Beam NFTs and what we want to see for the 2.0 release. With the recent completion of IPFS integration, it’s now time to look at what the best features are for both creators and collectors. Obviously this is dependant on development, but in any case a great chance to garner feedback on the features that we want to see propel Beam NFTs forwards!


  1. Self minting
    This will enable any and all creators to mint their own NFTs, creating a permission-less means to do so

  2. Artists tools
    Enable Artists to engage easily with and reward their community with airdrops of tokens and NFTs for their previous and continued support

  3. Bidding & Auctions
    Allow NFTs to receive bids even if not listed for sale, and enable auctions for NFTs

  4. Sorting & Filtering
    Allow to filter search results based on different parameters to better find what one is looking for. This will include volume, price, holders, buy now/live bids, and metadata within collections

  5. File Type Support
    This will enable various file types to be supported as NFTs, such as GIFs, and audio files

  6. Royalties
    This will allow collection creators to add and define a percentage of royalties on secondary sales. It will also be configurable, and be able to be pointed where wished e.g., to the creator, to a projects DAO, to holders

  7. Batch minting
    This feature will allow users to mint more than one NFT at a time. It will also enable minting ‘editions’ of NFTs, for example 1 through 50 out of 50 of the same NFT

  8. Transfer/Send
    An easy way for users to transfer ownership of NFTs without the involvement of a platform sale or royalties, for example if collectors are simply moving an NFT between their wallets

  9. Metadata
    Enable metadata to be uploaded for individual NFTs and collections that will be included in their details. This will allow collectors to search for different traits, and give them an indication as to the rarity

  10. Proof of Ownership
    With transparent chains, if you show someone you own one NFT, you show them all that you own. This feature will allow collectors to prove they own NFTs without divulging everything else they own, including both fungible and non fungible assets

  11. NFT Drops
    This will be the go to hub for all things upcoming in the Beam NFT space, with upcoming drops and releases to be added, giving an easy place to keep up to date on all things Beam NFT

  12. BIOs
    Allow creators to provide a bio with a description on themselves and or the collection. This will also allow links to their various social media accounts for collectors to join their community

  13. Private Sales
    This will act as a way for users to give receive and take offers with a specific counterparty, all whilst maintaining trustlessness

  14. Moderation / moderators
    As with any platform, moderation soon becomes needed. The idea here is to provide the tools needed to enable moderators and moderation in a decentralised manner.

These are but some of the ideas for the Beam NFT 2.0 release. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the above, and sharing anything you think better empowers creators and enables collectors to better expand Beam and the private NFTs it enables.


If there are royalties attached, there should be no mechanism for free transfer / send, otherwise it will be exploited to avoid. The base layer must enforce royalties where they are required.

It is not clear from these rules but different independent market places may exist. It is essential that people can run curated and permissioned market places. A market place, for example, may obtain official licensing for NFTs and merchandise and they want complete control over their inventory. Of course, some market places may be less restrictive, only to say that the model needs to cater to all these entities.

Also, keep in mind that NFTs may contain NFTs. Take a look at Phantasma’s Smart NFTs, for example, where a car might be an NFT and it has custom parts that are also NFTs. There is also the concept of RAM and ROM, that some parts of an NFT are immutable but some details can be updated.

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Where possible, following standards or collaborating with others to form standards would be a good path to take.

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A possible simple function would be a digital picture frame function to display the NFTs. A simple slideshow would do the job. An additional idea would be to add useful info to known nfts and display them.

The creator(s) of an NFT should be able to transfer and / or split royalties to new people. Indeed, it would be nice to either gift your royalties or have a whole community benefiting from royalties.

As I understood bullet # 6 is exactly this

Would be nice if collectors (or random visitors) will be able to tip artists (seen it over ZooPet which is a marketplace on the Fantom network).
its a nice to have not much more IMHO

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It turns out Dash has finally realized it was late to the NFT party and is desperately scrambling to rectify things. Instead of creating yet another NFT platform, they are interested in having dash as the gateway to buy and sell NFTs.

I know this might sound a little strange but imagine for a moment if people could buy and sell their beam NFTs using dash. Because, you know, people can use Dash Direct to spend at more than 160K merchants. And maybe beam users would prefer to spend their dash before beam? So, how could you do this? Well …

When someone pays for a Beam NFT using dash, that dash could automatically be transferred to the Beam DEX liquidity pool and perhaps the beam DAO becomes the beneficiary of the fees it generates. Or, if beam could get itself added to THORChain / THORSwap (they are actively seeking privacy coins), then that would add to the fully decentralized path that beam and dash is dedicated to.

For some perspective, Dash Direct is also about to launch a virtual Mastercard (imminent) with no KYC and a healthy daily spend limit ($1000). Imagine if someone could sell a beam NFT and the proceeds go directly to their Dash Direct Mastercard.

What you think?

Contact Ernesto Contreras, biz dev at Dash Core Group.

Here is the relevant interview with Ernesto:

Some great points. I do my best to give my thoughts on them…

Royalties: I think that you have a good point - and it’s already seen people opting to trade p2p outside of market places to avoid e.g., opensea or royalty fees. Ideally, I think here the creator should be able to choose between the two. A) Royalties on the sales accross market places B) Royalties for any transfer.
I think this would be best, as not all transfers would be these p2p sales, but could be gifts, transferring wallet to cold storage etc. For A) it is really difficult to have a “market” price for NFTs, so it would likely have to be a fixed fee e.g., 10 Beam per transfer, rather than a % imho

The market place in question here is talking more about a ‘standard’ implementation. The idea is not for this to be the one stop shop, but a great reference for others, and almost like anyone can ‘whitelabel’ their own marketplace. E.g., Beam Bots can have their own Beam Bots Marketplace, Cypher Dudes their own, etc. - I think this has massive pros for projects having stronger communities and better enabling creators.
I expect to see many market places - both general, and NFT specific.

This is a good point. NFTs being able to hold assets in the form of other NFTs, or even for example BeamX or Beam or LP tokens I think is really cool.

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Agree. And I literally just thought of something else while reading this… perhaps an NFT could release these other assets / Easter eggs at some block height in the future. It seems the possibilities are endless.

We must caution though not to put functionality before traction. We must grow our NFT market places and not just assume that people will come just because it’s the most advanced.