FR: Atomic Swaps at market price

Create an option on atomic swap market that executes at market prices of the two coins involved. A person goes to atomic swap tab in the wallet and enters the amount of coin he wants to trade and the coin he wants to receive. Then instead of entering a price clicks market checkbox. When another person accepts the offer the amount is calculated based on market rates from an average of top exchanges for the coins and executed.

Allow the market rates offers to pend indefinitely.

In principle the list of offers IS the market! But I understand that while volume there is low, we could refer to external price sources too.

But for this to work automatically, we would need to have an oracle for the price of each of the coins for which we can do an atomic swap, right? We already have an oracle for Beam/USD, maybe it could indeed be extended to BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and the other atomic swap options.

Also, for security, I think the user would also need to define a min/max price limit. So that if a glitch happens with the price or the oracle, no swap would happen.

This sounds perfect! People would be much more will to trade knowing they will get a fair price!

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I had an issue with my Atomic Swaps being listed in the market, is this corrected now? I havent tried since and I have a chunk of LTC that I want to test it out with

No, that hasn’t been fixed yet.

Do we know why they are not being listed? Maybe i can offer a patch.

I tried looking around and was lead to

But im unsure of where the issue is, maybe i need to debug.