Can I Place Fiat $AUD in my BEAM wallet to buy BEAM?

Hi People, [I accidentally deleted the post - not a good start]

I am new to BEAM and learnt of it through Mike Adams and I would like to mail $AUD into my BEAM wallet so that I can buy BEAM. I am not interested in buying BitCoin first as I want to go private. Any advice would be appreciated. I am happy to do the leg work if I can be directed to a suitable tutorial source where I can LEARN the roles.

Can I buy BEAM from a SELLER by mailing Fiat$AUD to them [BONDED] and they transfer BEAM to my BEAM wallet? Just a thought from the information I have gleaned so far.

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If you can find somebody, I dont see why it wont work :man_shrugging:

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Did you find someone would could sell you some Beam for $AUD? I relayed your question in the Telegram chat, in case someone there can do that.

As far as I know, the current ways to buy Beam from fiat are either directly in centralized exchanges (with different levels of KYC), or by atomic swap or bridging from Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Maybe there are more options available to purchase Ethereum the way you want? You could then use the bridge to bring those ETH (or USDT) and buy Beam directly on the Beam DEX.

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