Do you think we need paid promotions?

Just wondering if the community think paid promotions are necessary for BEAM at this stage.
I’m seeing lots of development activities during the past months but most uninvolved folks still consider us a dead shitcoin delisted from Binance.
Do you think we should actively allocate funds to media, influencers and such? Or other type of paid promotions such as organizing giveaway or airdrop events where we encourage people try BEAM and provide rewards.
Please share your thoughts!


The important element here is to not hire people that are also beam holders, as this would create the wrong incentives e.g. aims to make personal profits through deception.

Would love to see paid marketing and promotions but it should be done by the professionals, not wannabe beamers with conflicted interests.

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Well looks like the forum is inactive right now, probably not the right place for effective discussion.

There was a paid promotion just a few days ago, see @dbadol’s Twitter post here.
@bigromanov also mentioned in the last space, that this Hackernoon article was also a paid promotion.

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