Proposal: Community Fund

The motivation behind Community Fund is to create fund whose assets could only be used through successful DAO voting. Writing fund spending proposals and voting on them is going to be appeal engaging to community. This would give community sense of ownership of BEAM chain ecosystem development.

Funding of this found could come through: issuance CA fees (BIP 2), individual user contribution, etc.

This is just start of the discussion. What are your thoughts? Would you like to have Community Fund? How would you like it to be implemented? Can we have someone from core development team to discuss if this is possible to implement?

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the project takes x% from every mined block. there is no reason the community should give anything.

More transparency on the treasury would be better, for example, the wages of all the team.


It would be ideal for treasury funds to be transparent, I would support that.

Idea behind Community Fund (CF) is to have fund which would be under control of community, unlike treasury (which is under control of Beam Foundation?). I don’t think that CF should tax miners directly, like treasury, but it’s funds could come from other sources. One source is issuance fees of CA which are currently going to be locked. Generally, it looks like there are use cases where fees in BEAM network could be batter directed to CF as it is not intuitive where this funds actually go, or like in BIP2, these funds could be put into work instead of locking it.

CF seems to me like nice way to engage community. It is also risk-free way to educate community and step forward to DAO transition.

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I like the idea of the community fund, but fail to understand how and why this will be different from the DAO treasury?
in the last Space, Alex mentioned Beam Name Services which will be a DAO DAPP meaning the funds will go to the DAO treasury, which will be controlled by the DAO.
Im going to put to voting that the Marketplace will also take % of each trade and will direct it to the DAO treasury.

this IS the community fund as I see it.
please let me know if you agree


I agree with you, community fund is exactly what DAO treasury is from your description, CF == DAO Treasury. I haven’t been up to date with ‘DAO treasury’ - there haven’t been any public information about this so far, correct me if I am wrong.

Supper cool if Alex has mentioned it! I would really like to see this implemented as it looks like there are more and more revenue streams for it.

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yeah, the DAO is not really active yet, voting should be out this month I think. this is for me the fire opening of the DAO, the next stage is to make the treasury bigger by taking % of each DAPP the DAO owns (for now it’s just the NFT marketplace). but see yesterday’s post BEAM Name Service
already there is another DAPP coming which 100% will go to the DAO treasury (AMAZING!).
if you look at the governance structure you’ll see there is planning for ongoing voting regarding how to use the treasury.


I think this is the best route. To divide up funds which will be used for the betterment of the community, would merely complicate things. Better that the DAO stores the funds and proposals for x-amount for whatever purpose, be made and voted upon. This way valid proposals will be funded appropriately, rather than parsing a ‘community fund’ which would need to be held separately.

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