Tx confirmation screen safety improvements

Feature request for improving user safety when interacting with DApps and DApp interfaces.


following suggestions:

1. always show the asset IDs in this screen. This will improve safety when interacting with 3rd party dapps and interfaces. With this current screen for example, a malicious app can make you buy a fake copy of another asset without you knowing it.
The only way to know this before it happens is by showing the asset IDs on this confirmation screen. This screen is part of the user wallet and can not be manipulated.

2. For power users: Optionally show Contract ID and all parameters used in a contract call. This further increases user safety as well as educates about the difference between an interface on a website and a smart contract interaction. This is something that e.g. Metamask is offering as an optional feature.

3. for power users: Optionally alllow power users to manually edit the parameters used in a shader call. This gives full control to the user.