Scrap current verification model > allow manual adding of assets via link > ownership verification like keybase

Feature: CAs and CA verification

The current process for asset verification has proven confusing and has opened up the possibility of the community being scammed due to insufficient signage in the wallet when swapping assets.

Also, the current process of verification is extremely permissioned and governed by a small number of people (the beam team)

I propose the following solutions that should be the closest to the ideal final state thus far:

SCRAP current verification model
The Beam team shouldn’t be tasked with choosing the criteria to meet when assigning a ‘verified badge’, which currently has no guidelines or listed pre-requisites.

If possible, allow users to verify ownership of there social media accounts and website in a similar way to keybase to activate the ‘verified ownership’ badge in wallet.

Create a system where a hyperlink can enable the asset in wallet (similar to how a hyperlink can open Telegram and navigate to a group) where user is presented with a ‘confirm asset add’.

Alongside this, have a section in wallet where users can choose from the ‘confirmed ownership’ assets’ to integrate into the wallet. (users can still manually add non ownership confirmed assets manually)

Once a user has ‘added’ an asset to the wallet, they are then able to see the swap offers, users should only see swap offers for assets they’ve integrated!




Assigned designation FR 8: FR 8: Add ability to enable specific Confidential Assets in Beam wallet ¡ Issue #1920 ¡ BeamMW/beam ¡ GitHub



  1. In Beam Desktop Wallet settings add section ‘Confidential Assets’

  2. Provide complete list of all existing assets including:
    2.1 Asset name
    2.2 Asset symbol
    2.3 Total emission
    2.4 Whether asset was created by wallet or contract (if possible)

  3. For each asset provide a toggle to turn it on or off

  4. The assets that are in off (disabled) state will not be shown in the Asset Swaps list

  5. By default, all verified assets will be enabled

  6. Add link to Asset Swaps screen to open the settings for quick changing of the asset visibility


This part of the request has not been further addressed this far. I would like to continue the discussion, because it seems important to me.

IMO the current verification badge has a number of disadvantages:

  • Is against the ethos of decentralization
  • Is unfair. Insiders get privileged access, which honestly does not look good.
  • Has the potential to damage the reputation of Beam. If any endorsed CA fails, scams or whatever negative occurrence - this can fall back onto the reputation of the Beam team and Beam as a project.
  • If any, only BEAMX should be endorsed by the team.
  • Even if the team states multiple times that this badge is not an endorsement. It effectively will be perceived as one.