Not- For Profit Corporations

I haven’t seen any posts as of yet, but privacy is fundamental to donations and fundraising.

Would a BEAM Foundation/NGO that sought to provide anonymous on-ramping for difficult relief efforts be a way to get the project out in front of big time foundations that need a single asset to use as their common exchange with all the nations they work within?

Anonymity in religious and political organizations is required for voting scenarios, donation, and security.
Why not crypto? BEAM specifically. NGO’s could launch assets…

Just a smattering of ideas, rip em to shreds if they’re bunk or support em if they’re legit.

I dunno how similar this would be but Wikipedia donations require donors to identify themselves. Here is the link that goes to bitpay: Donate to Wikimedia Foundation

Having said that, I would be 100% behind anyone that wants to bypass such nonsense.