A Must Build: Beam Crowdfunding Dapp!


  • Gofundme is constantly in the news for unilaterally seizing funds of certain philanthropies (probably have a very broad terms of service)
  • Big real world use case. Differentiator! No such dapp that I know of exists on any chain. Beam is also perfect for it because people don’t necessarily want to dox themselves and be bullied for where they spend (or even worse people have been fired)
  • Dapp means no risk of business management capture

To take note of:

  • Scammers (perhaps have a team verify top listings with a blue check or require ID upload on chain)
  • Illegalities (e.g. terrorism. Both ethically but more importantly to stay away from law enforcement. Can have some sort of dao be able to remove listings?)
  • Need an easy integration for third party front ends for noobs to get fiat on chain

Potential names:

  • philanthropen
  • generOS
  • altru

I’d love to see this come to fruition, with a pre-stage voting mechanism similar to the Beam DAO voting function which allows BeamX ecosystem participants to vote on potential crowdfunding campaigns. This would be indeed the world’s first decentralised, fully private crowdfunding dapp. A great idea!


That’s exactly what my question was about… How to display the contents of a beam wallet?

You can’t build that without being able to display wallet contents on a website.

that’s what the API is for.