Nephrite Support

Nephrite is a censorship-resistant, non-custodial, confidential, governance-less stablecoin that is overcollateralized by $BEAM.

Nephrite is now out on DAPPNET
To use it & help us test it - you need to add this key:


We are here to address any questions, or bugs and to support any nephrite-related issue!


交易经常失败,稳定性相对比较差 希望进行改进,希望支持多种语言

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It keeps saying “Publisher with that Key is not found”

Are you using Dapp Net wallet?

I’m using Beam-Wallet-7.1.13105.5426
When I look for it I go to DApp Store, then click on those two little guys next to “become a publisher”, then click on “add publisher” and then copy and paste the key.

Testing phase is by using the Dappnet wallet


Thanks fellas I got it to work now

When I try to borrow 1 NPH it doesn’t work. But if I try to borrow 1.1 NPH it does work. And when I remove the “.1” I can borrow 1 NPH

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Hi! I have a question.

Where will the BEAM X that will be distributed in the stability pool come from?
Will the protocol revenue purchase BEAM X from the market?

We will share our plans around it very soon!


Seems like a glitch

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When will Nephrite be officially released and available on exchanges?

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I tried liquidating to see what would happen. I thought I would only get 60 NPH but it turns out I didn’t only get that I also inherited the debt and beam of every trove including one that had a good collateral ratio. Now I have a trove that has around 110K NPH debt which I of course won’t be able to pay off. It’s basically waiting there to be liquidated by someone else which then will inherit the ton of debt.

To avoid this the dapp would likely benefit of a clear warning of what exactly will happen when you liquidate troves.

That the one with a good collateral ratio got liquidated was also a bit spooky. My trove before liquidating also had a good collateral ratio of around 320% but now it’s down to 54%.

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After updating the app won’t get passed the loading screen anymore. I tried reinstalling but it still gets stuck. Restarting the wallet also doesn’t work

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Same problem here. Loading screen only. DAppnet wallet v 7.2.13313.5572 on Windows. The other DApps (including Beam DEX) do work. :frowning:

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Ok. The DApp is opening today!

My first comments:

  • The audit link on the bottom right is apparently empty. I guess that’s normal for now?
  • The “Recovery Mode Price Threshold” appears as $0.00. Is that normal?
  • I try to open a trove with 3000 Beam for 50+10 NPH (217% ICR). The “Confirm” button does nothing but without any error message.
  • The ICR popups show a slightly confusing text: “Individual Collateral Ratio (TCR)” (acronym does not match). It should say “Individual Collateral Ratio (ICR)”.
  • It seems that all popups say “NPH”… except for the “Total debt” one in the Open Trove window that says “NEPHRITE”.
  • The oracle is a key piece of the whole system. It would make sense to have some information about it in the main page (e.g. which oracle is currently being used, if all is ok with it, date and time of the last information received, current Beam:USD value, etc.).

I also can’t open a trove. It seems to try to open one but fail instantly. I also can’t tell what the id of Nephrite is so I can’t tell if I can’t add liquidity because I have the wrong token or not. I think I got the wrong token because the color seems slightly different but it would be best if I could tell what the id was of nephrite in the DAPP.


Yes, absolutely. Like for most CAs, the id should be given everywhere, to avoid any confusion with all the fake ones (cf. example in the DEX Liquidity Pools display).


I like the comments, particularly about the oracle. Will the contract be upgradeable I assume? Or will there be locked versions?

Semi-relatedly, what do the wallet side shaders look like. Could users unwittingly authorize full access to all of their funds using a custom dapp I assume? Like not the dapp stealing the funds you allocate to it specifically, but I’m saying misrepresent how much it actually is taking. If so is there (I assume there is) a Beam standardized popup overlay that can interpret this like Metamask does with contracts or like Apple does with copy paste permissions