Nephrite Support

Nephrite is a censorship-resistant, non-custodial, confidential, governance-less stablecoin that is overcollateralized by $BEAM.

Nephrite is now out on DAPPNET
To use it & help us test it - you need to add this key:


We are here to address any questions, or bugs and to support any nephrite-related issue!


交易经常失败,稳定性相对比较差 希望进行改进,希望支持多种语言

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It keeps saying “Publisher with that Key is not found”

Are you using Dapp Net wallet?

I’m using Beam-Wallet-7.1.13105.5426
When I look for it I go to DApp Store, then click on those two little guys next to “become a publisher”, then click on “add publisher” and then copy and paste the key.

Testing phase is by using the Dappnet wallet


Thanks fellas I got it to work now

When I try to borrow 1 NPH it doesn’t work. But if I try to borrow 1.1 NPH it does work. And when I remove the “.1” I can borrow 1 NPH

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Hi! I have a question.

Where will the BEAM X that will be distributed in the stability pool come from?
Will the protocol revenue purchase BEAM X from the market?

We will share our plans around it very soon!


Seems like a glitch

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When will Nephrite be officially released and available on exchanges?

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