Minimum requirements for node operation

Hi, I always have problems with my wallet. It is common that I can’t connect to a random node. I was wondering what would be the minimum requirements in disk, cpu and memory to run a node on my own.

Thank you.

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Unanswered. I looked in the docs but nothing obvious.

I’m not sure of the exact minimum requirements but I assume it’s fairly easy to run the node on most older desktops and laptops.

It’s a POW coin so it shouldn’t need crazy POS node hardware like Ethereum or Solana. The first sync would probably be the most taxing part

@buhpa Are you running a node now?

Semi-relatedly, I wish it were easy to switch between random and personal/mobile node. Like if the node is taking too long to sync, from that screen be able to switch (before you can get into settings to do it). If technically feasible of course