Wallet UX Suggestions

Move Public Offline Address to a more easily found location for folks who wish to use it for static donations or whatnot. Build a partial FAQ into the wallet (info buttons, its own page, etc…). Can still link out to the full documentation but would be helpful for folks to like at least be able to understand the address types (online/twoparty, offline/oneparty, public offline, max privacy, expiration, how many exchanges only take the sbbs one, etc…) and whatnot from within the wallet. Crypto newbies can hardly grasp using Bitcoin/Ethereum addressing and Beam seems to add another layer to the complexity even with how nice the UX is built. Also I believe that highlighting the safety of using the just online/twoparty address for those afraid of potentially sending to the wrong person is a nice plus (although I’m not sure if the privacy of that one is worse?).

Like get a focus group (or someone who has never used the wallet and watch them try to do something you ask them to do, and see what questions they ask or troubles them have). Crypto experienced and not.