Beam desktop wallet - Unable to resolve node address:

Ran the latest beam linux desktop wallet, wallet conversion started. Now won’t start, "Building wallet data, calculating estimated time (0%) <— stuck on 0%

Failed to start node. Please see wallet logs and contact support.

Beam Wallet UI 6.2.12508.4906 (mainnet)
Beam Core 6.2.12508 (mainnet)
Rules signature: 0-ed91a717313c6eb0, 321321-6d622e615cfd29d0, 777777-1ce8f721bf0c9fa7, 1280000-3eaab6ab65b65f94

Unable to resolve node address:
starting a node on 10005 port…
Fast-sync mode up to height 1582906
Mapping image found
Node stopping…
Node stopped
Corruption: not found

My dns appears to be working and is not resolving.

UPDATE: the subdomain is now resolving to but the wallet problem remains the same except, obviously, no resolve problems.

Still not working. Can’t do anything until someone helps me.

It seems is only resolving from some locations but not others. I don’t think this is the problem but maybe it contributed to the problem? Anyway, at this point I’m just talking to myself because no one actually comes here :slight_smile:

If I restore from seed, I will lose my transaction history. Will I also lose the NFTs I bought?

I have tried to restore from seed and still I have the same problem, “Failed to start node. Please save wallet logs and contact support.”

“Rebuilding wallet data: calculating estimated time (0%)” <— still stuck at 0%

Thanks for all the support, it’s been great.

It appears I may of solved this, this is what I did:

  1. closed beam desktop wallet

  2. renamed the folder .local/share/Beam Wallet to something else

  3. started the beam desktop, restored from seed

  4. wait for blockchain to sync, I can confirm that BeamX and NFTs were fully restored

  5. closed desktop wallet

  6. replaced wallet.db file from previously renamed folder

  7. started desktop wallet and it worked, transactions history restored!

Thanks to everyone that helped, especially Mr Nobody There!


Yep someone from the Beam team should have helped or referred you to a place for tech support.
There is a tech support channel on their discord and people often get pointed to telegram for support. There seems to be a Telegram icon at the top right of their website where it seems you can go for support in the future. Being ignored sucks

This worked for me! Thanks!