Long term security

How will BEAM remain secure in the long term as the reward dwindles into insignificance and it won’t have the constant large backlog of high-fee paying transactions that Bitcoin does, to make make up for it?

Is the finite supply cap an unbreakable social contract, or could BEAM decide to adopt a tail emission in the distant future, like GRIN had since launch?

This is less of a concern to me, Beam emissions in the medium-range future still have sufficient reward to keep the network secure.
As for the long term, no one can predict, ASIC might come, GhostDAG might kick in and other new inventions that will shake up the mining ecosystem of Beam (and many other coins).

On top of that, it looks like Beam is the move to a voting mechanism that will allow it to adjust to the perhaps changing security/mining. To my best understanding, the end outcome of the DAO is to have the power to change all and any aspect of the protocol, not just the Defi layer (but this will be a long gradual shift of power I guess)


Great question THANK YOU>