How to display the contents of a beam wallet?

I want to dynamically display the contents of a beam wallet via a simple http fetch from a web page.

Something like

var walletViewKey = "48732ifhsdjf8w9";
var walletContents = fetch(beamBlockChain + walletViewKey);
document.getElementByID("wallet").innerText = walletContents

Is this possible with any existing client side SDK or anything?

If I make a new Beam wallet specifically for the purpose of public fundraising for example, I don’t see a problem with this. I can always then transfer the money out of this wallet when fundraising is finished.

You can find API documentation here:

this should help you to do this. I have also fwd your message to our devs - if you need any further support on this issue, just reply here.

Ah. I thought there was a simple “view key” that you can generate from a wallet. I thought that’s what auditability was.

Based on this API, I guess the only way to build something like a crowdfunding app is with smart contracts. Looking forward to an SDK around that!