Funding for the Creation of Rating Dapp

DAO Proposal - Image / NFT rating dapp

I propose funding from the DAO to create a fairly complicated but potentially incredibly useful Dapp built on Beam. My intent is not to have the dapp be profitable to a central entity such as myself or others who work on it, but to the people that participate and give their ratings. It may collect a very small maintence percentage in order to fund changes, fixes, or additions.

I would like to request DAO treasury funds in order to fund a developer salary for myself so that I can work towards this full time. This salary would be renewable with another proposal and demonstration of tangible research and development progress.

Brief Summary

In short, a dapp that would function similiarly to PhotoFeeler, which aims to get unbiased feedback on images you may use on a dating, business, or other sort of profile.

This dapp would be more useful for a few reasons:

  • It would be owned and managed by those that use and work for the dapp.
  • Any kind of metric (such as “coolness” or “attractiveness”), could be included on a community (or possibly individual) basis.
  • The scope is not limited to a person, but could be an nft or piece of artwork.
  • Those people actually submitting ratings would be paid

A privacy preserving blockchain is a near must as to not have a doxxed wallet tied to images of yourself.

However, making this a dapp does introduce extra problems that are worth solving:

  • Incentives, punishments, and barriers to entry need to just right in order to prevent bot activity and useless votes without unfairly targeting real users.
  • Because there isn’t an all-knowing server, a few other things become more complicated:
    • Content Moderation must be handled by users
    • Who gets to see what information (votes, media) and when can they see it.

This kind of application may be exactly what onboards many people into cryptocurrency and Beam specifically, and demonstrates a solid use case.


  1. A fully researched, documented, and reasoned plan for creating this dapp. This will include flowcharts, technical details on algorithms and tools needed, and compiled research and reasoning for any specific approach.
    • Estimated time: 3 - 4 weeks
    • All other deliverables require this research for a decent estimate of a timeframe
  2. Smart contracts underlying the hard logic of the dapp.
  3. A web front-end UI for this dapp available through IPFS.

Who am I?

I’m an experienced web2 developer who’s been creating web experiences for 10 years now. Here is my resume and personal website. If this project has a way of being successful, I can build it.

Proposal Specifics

Salary requested at ~$95,000 annually, just below the median based on data.

This specific proposal is only for the first deliverable, to provide an exact researched roadmap to this project. The deliverable estimate is roughly 1 month, so this proposal is asking for ~$7,900 worth of funding to begin work on this project.


Awesome proposal here!

I will try to get more eyes on this proposal.
as a non-technical person, the main issue I see here is the budget.

The DAO currently has ~55K Beam generated from user buying BANS (soon to be public info on the explorer) - this is the only liquid asset the DAO now holds, in addition, the DAO has BEAMX.
So unless you are willing to speculate on BeamX as compensation this might be a blocker.

Being a non-profit DAPP, a possible solution here is to have a collab with some relevant Beam dev which will reduce the weight on you and maybe will be easier that way to get BeamX as compensation.

I really like to see devs aiming to build on Beam! I personally would go for a less changing more value-capturing DAPP as the initial one (i.e - password managing tool / CA minter or something along these lines).
however, I will support this initiative and hope the issue can be resolved!


Yep, this proposal is probably premature especially for that reason, among the others you’ve mentioned.

This should probably get backburnered for a while so the ecosystem, tooling, and best practices can develop as this is obviously a more complex beast.

I highly appreciate the added perspective here :smile:

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Yes, that would be great!
Nonetheless, we think the NFT marketplace and its web version issues need to be resolved before building anything on top of it.

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