Beam x Nostr Hackathon Summer 2023

Hey. We are getting ready to kick off the Beam x Nostr Hackathon. We have created a Telegram group for participants, submissions and discussions and will also use this forum post for that as well. It will include updates on all Hackathon related events and activities


Is this event still going on? Or has it ended?
What is the status?

Any updates on the Hackathon?

I believe it is still happening but I have no details, sorry.

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From the messages we shared in the Telegram group, it seems that not many people enrolled to participate (except for people from or close to Beam Team) and even then, maybe with not enough time to spend on it. From Amir’s comment I understand that they agreed on postponing this hackathon to a more favorable moment.

They are not giving up on the idea though, specially that in a few months not only will the Nostr integration idea still be around (which is a good subject for web developers), but we will also have the EVM compatibility layer (which should help bring Solidity devs from the Ethereum space)…

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try SimpleX groups and Nostr for both beam MW and grin MW is good since they have interactive lighting already lol

Nostr is pretty much dead

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RIP then maybe will have to wait see development in the future