Beam on Coinpaprika, something wrong

I need some help. There’s something amiss with beam on Coinpaprika. Since yesterday, the market cap has collapsed or something. Been has been hovering around rank #900 - 1000 for what feels like forever… but yesterday it suddenly dropped to rank 4000 something. I emailed them but had no response yet.

I’ve been using Coinpaprika for years as they have a free API for the first #1500 rank, or is it #3000, I’m not sure. In any event, I think there must be some kind of error. Anyone else care to investigate?



That’s weird yeah, I will take a look this afternoon.

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I fixed it! Beam is back on Coinpaprika and correctly listed! It took a few more emails but all good now.


Great! Thank you very much :heart: