Beam Documentation

Hi Beamers!

We’ve noticed a lot of comments about the lack of proper documentation for Beam, and we want to do our part as an active community project to help address this issue.

In addition to the cool sticker and guides we’ve already created, we suggest collecting and organizing all the guides that have been made by Raskul, Wilke, BeamBots, and others.

We can then add them to the official Beam Gitbook with a note indicating that they are community guides.

Team Beam, can you please comment on this or confirm that this will be added? We are eager to get to work on this right away :robot:


Good initiative!

These are the locations where I have seen documentation and information (official and community) that is helping me with Beam:


As an example, this is the sequence I followed to get introduced to shaders (Beam’s smart contracts):

  1. General introduction: Beam Confidential DeFi Platform · BeamMW/shader-sdk Wiki · GitHub

  2. What are shaders: Beam Smart Contracts · BeamMW/shader-sdk Wiki · GitHub

  3. Deploying and using: Using Beam smart contracts with CLI Wallet - Beam CLI Guide
    And a variation of it: BeamX: A Step by Step Guide to Creating your own Beam Faucet using Beam CLI | by Niran | Beam Africa | Medium

  4. API details (this page and next ones): BVM functions for shaders · BeamMW/shader-sdk Wiki · GitHub

  5. And then trying to understand some of the provided basic examples (e.g. faucet and vault): beam/bvm/Shaders at mainnet · BeamMW/beam · GitHub

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Hi Beam team, just checking in to see if there’s been any progress on our request. We wanted to emphasize that we really think it’s very important. Thank you :robot: :heart_hands:

This is a great initiative!
send over all the user guides/documentation you collect, Ill make sure to add it to Gitbook with proper credits to the creator.

I’ll be waiting for a DM from you guys

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I referenced Etheruem homepage and they have a Tutorial section where you can find all the tutorials on how to write a contract.
I think we could have a button on the Beam main page which redirects directly to: Using Beam Shaders - Developer Documentation for those who are interested in developing smart contracts on Beam


Yes. I think the faucet and the vault are two good examples for which we could build a step-by-step tutorial on how to write a shader (since the tutorials on how to deploy them, afterwards, already exist).

Maybe we should start by asking Beam devs to add lots of comments and explanations in the source codes of these two examples?

Love this. Documentation is key. The team continuing to write documentation on how things work, examples of how to script custom dapps, etc… An amalgamation of community/external articles written, videos recorded, etc… about Beam. A searchable FAQ to easily point people to from chat rooms who have questions that have been repeatedly answered over and over by mods

Adding one important link for those wanting to start developing for beam (shaders, DApps, websites, etc.): The telegram group for dev support.

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