Allow setting NFT price in CA in Beam NFT Marketplace

Currently in the Beam NFT Marketplace, price can be only set in Beam. We could allow setting prices on other CA types


Assigned FR 4: FR 4: Allow setting NFT price in CA in Beam NFT Marketplace · Issue #1916 · BeamMW/beam · GitHub


Yes. This is quite good!

We already see that many CAs are using NFTs as a promotion tool and to bring together their community. Being able to trade NFTs in their CA will strongly enhance that. Maybe often becoming the first real market use case for the CA.

Also, do allow to define prices in both Beam AND in a given CA (or even in multiple CAs?). Anyway, for now the amounts would be manually set and updated by the seller (automatic conversion by linking to a DEX pair would be some future enhancement, if needed).


The NFT marketplace needs a searchability overhaul too if resources permit, for it to be competitive and easily usable. Things like sorting by price, by popularity, searching for a specific collection or artist, trending recent sales if possible, etc…

There used to be a huge thread on this stuff Beam NFTs - The NFT Marketplace - & Beyond