A cooldown period of 1 year after a proposal has been accepted/rejected by vote

Not allowing the same proposal to be voted on again until one year has passed to prevent people from voting on the same thing over and over again. It feels unfair to many if their desired result gets overturned a month later.

That’s true, but delaying it does not actually stop it going away, you are literally just delaying it, the fix is purely cosmetic.

This is part of the bigger problem with Beam now. The developers have taken over everything, they think code alone will fix everything… but it won’t. Case in point is all the talk and changes regarding CA’s. The developers and voters thought that a change in price would fix the underlying problems. It didn’t and it won’t, only to possibly create other unforeseen problems, including spam. No, Beam needs a change in management that is prepared to put business development ahead of control freak code development. It is the control freaks in code development that made banking so terrible.

Decisions can have been a mistake in hindsight there for I think it should be able to be voted on at some point in the future again, just not too soon after the vote has been cast.

If we want Beam to be as trust less as possible than everything that can be done well by code should be done by code I’d think.

Yeah Raskul is a bit of a control freak but he’s the only one that I have seen acting that way. And it hasn’t caused Beam to go into a bad direction (except for maybe down). They’re still working hard on Beam/BeamX and follow their roadmap well and consistently update us