Who controls published dapps? Is there a way to see a list without a key?

In dappnet at least community members have rightfully found it cumbersome to have to find a publisher key posted in a tweet a ways ago to test a dapp. Is this the same as it will be in production or will the dapp automatically appear for everyone there on mainnet? If not, is there a way to have a list of dapps to potentially install without having to find a publisher key to do so?


That’s a tricky question. To get an “official” list of DApp publishers keys, we need a centralized entity to do that list. That’s probably not the way this should work. We need to be able to install whatever DApp from whatever publisher we want.

What could be done thouhg, is to have some DAO votes to decide if some trusted DApp could appear by default in the wallet. But even that would be risky (e.g. what if, once appearing by default, the publisher goes rogue a produces an update that tries to trick users?).

It’s a bit the same problem as with the CAs. Each user should be able to define which CAs (or which DApps) he wants to use and to see in their wallet.

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Right I don’t mean installed by default. But like should at least be able to know what dapps are available I’d think

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This default thing plays into my idea that there should be a beam wallet that is payments focused with no mention of “dapps” or “CAs”. A separate “power user” wallet would fill the gap of everything else. So the payment focused wallet would have default map / find-a-merchant dapp, and default messenger dapp. Sure there will be alternatives in time but the main body of people building this app are the ones that would choose which dapps to include, and they would just make them buttons to tap, not call them dapps.

Because, you know, this is how you onboard the masses. First you give them something they can use and then you upsell the more advanced stuff. I can’t go raving to family and friends about a wallet with some kind of long explanation on how defi works. It’s too complex, it’s not going to happen.

Ok. Maybe a simpler solution to implement that (instead of having to manage to apps): We keep the same wallet app, but we simply start it in some “basic mode”. The full advanced mode, with all options, is displayed only when we explicitly activate it in the settings.

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I agree.

I understand that BEAM is privacy focused and decentralized, but at the same time BEAM is basically a company, or entity, which controls the development of the chain and wallet etc.

In that sense, what is wrong with the BEAM website providing “centralized” information regarding projects/dApps that are/being created?

Or how about the BEAM team making a dApp which allows “publishers” to list their dApps, publisher key, etc. Maybe it could become a community project on GitHub.


It’s probable that privacy coins are going to get a storm on their heads in the next few years. Having a central entity (i.e. a startup company) was probably a good idea to start this project, but for longevity-sake (and to protect those developing Beam) the project needs to move to a DAO now. Beam Team should not “control” the development anymore.

In my opinion, some third party could easily create a website or DApp where publishers list their keys, present their Apps, and people could comment and rate them. That would probably be a safer solution.

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I mean it’s a dapp store right? Why not just show all published apps if possible and let me choose which I want? Doesn’t have to be on the home page of it

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Just like nodes are tracking what CAs are available but I don’t have to hold those CAs

I agree with you, a DApp Store! I imagine that devs can submit their works there, and the users can browse through a list of available dApps and install them on their wallets. Maybe there would be a capability for users to give rating to DApps they use.