View only wallet

Be great if a view only wallet could be developed similar to Bitcoin. The wallet could receive and view all BEAM and CA transactions but the spend keys could be kept offline. Bitcoin allows for unsigned transactions to be signed by offline computer which would be a nice feature to be added to BEAM.

This would increase the security options for storing BEAM.

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Hey, we will discuss it with the devs. I will let you know when I have news about this.

Generally speaking, Iā€™d say there is a complete lack of GUI air gap wallets, not just beam. But yes, would totally go for that if I could. There is a pair of android apps called airgap wallet / airgap vault but the list of supported coins is quite small. I think there is some hardware wallet support but not tried it out because the desktop wallet only does one account at a time.

With Wallet v8.0 you will be able to have multiple accounts in your wallet.