Nephrite inherited Liquidity bug?

Am curious. I don’t know any of the detail, but some kind of bug affected Liquidity’s LUSD and, actually, I haven’t heard if there was a fix or not. Anyway, was wondering, whatever that bug was, how sure can we be that Nephrite didn’t inherit a similar bug?

Any link to the bug?

While looking to provide a link, it dawns on me that there are two different LUSD stable coins.

Here’s one link:

Having looked at the Linear Finance page, it seems they are using some weird unicode character that happens to look like an “L”, while most news sites are using the ascii L instead of the unicode.

This is reminding me of the current confusions with beam and merit circle.

I believe the LUSD used as the basis of Nephrite was built by a Swiss company called Liquity AG.

Yes. The model used by Nephrite is Liquity, which is well known and respected and which is proving to be a solid stablecoin design scheme. Nephrite rewrote it and by being on Beam added privacy to it!