FR: Dynamic Asset Text Archive (DATA)

Problem description: At present when creating a confidential asset, the data fields are not possible to modify once they have been created. Some of these fields are dynamic by nature such as URL, description, white paper link and so forth. Often if the asset is not created as intended, the issuer will then issue a new asset and create/discard unnecessary assets on the chain. It is also noted that most assets do not populate the metadata fields, in part because the assets are created first and the metadata itself tends to only be finalized after the asset is running and tested by the community.

Feature Request: Permit the wallet that can create assets to dynamically modify the extra meta data fields described at Asset Descriptor v1.0 · BeamMW/beam Wiki · GitHub
In the process, permit to include non-English translations as proposed on the Asset Descriptior +++ topic: Asset Descriptor +++

Proposed Functioning: Only the asset issuer would be allowed to make changes, at the same cost of registering the asset to reduce the changes for strictly needed.

This would benefit the community with the opportunity to keep the assets up-to-date as their usage also tends to be dynamic. At the moment, actions like logo for an asset can only be assigned at generation time. This would increase the metadata for current and future confidential assets.

Thank you for the consideration.


I am not sure if this applies but as a user, I do not want to be holding a CA that I think of as immutable and permissionless only to find an update has made some instances frozen or blocked.

This request refers only to the optional meta-data. Those fields marked as optional for the assets, so it should not affect overall stability any different than updating data on the blockchain.


Like this idea for the optional stuff