Dev request: provable fixed supply CA minting capabilities

As far as i can tell from the documentation, currently all CAs have a flexible supply. The CA creator can mint additional supply as and when they please.

  • For some very specific use cases this can be great. But in most cases in crypto a lot of importance is given on having a trustless fixed supply of an asset.
  • most important is that the public can know with absolute certainty (e.g. by looking at the block explorer) that the CA creator has no way of manipulating the originally defined supply.
  • Optional bonus functionality: allow to have a predefined predictable (trustless) minting schedule (either each block or at specific blocks). This would be similar to how a predefined quantity of Beam gets minted each block.

IMO, a fixed and trustless CA supply is such an important functionality that it would be worthwhile to have the core team implement it.