FR submission - feature request - PoW minable CA

Build the ultimate gpu mining coin creation mechanism

“To apply anything which is possible on Beam, to any CA.” I believe :wink:

Prove it :smiley:

make a CA mineable.
*throws the gauntlet down ! *

I offer GBP as a test case.

Fuller Proposal to encompass open source ethos…

Within the CA minting creator which is previously proposed as an feature request. (Confidential Asset Minter DApp)

To apply BeamHashIII proof of work method to the token being minted with standard Beam stratum and beamhashverify compatibility. Within the dapp if user select this option the CA minted will be created and stratum info displayed that the CA owner can create a mining pool.

That’s it. I know i’ve make it sound simple and it will likely be far from simple to implement this, if at all possible. Further to this and if not feasible… Do 1 now and open community enablement to apply for their own CA to become mineable.

Why GBP?

Sociological test case.
to pose the question: If a fiat currency was mimicked as a proof of work cryptocurrency with the same unlimited and infinite emission, to what value would it reach?

To answer the question to this thesis, first we must produce a test case which mimicks also the most evolutionary proof of work cryptocurrency. That encompasses each topic dedicated to the satoshi whitepaper. Beam does this, therefore it should be chosen, on Beam.

For your consideration,