Bridges Full Functionality

Is it a technical limitation or a security design for an initial phased rollout? Folks should be able to bridge out bEth or whatever even if they personally didn’t bridge it in. If security related, perhaps limit how much the bridge can do in a day on aggregate if possible?

As of per the Twitter Space today, Beam CTO confirmed that there is no such limit.

If I bridge 1 ETH into Beam, then send the bETH to you, then you will be able to bridge it back to Ethereum (even if you never used the bridge before).

PS: I believe that the initial confusion on this topic came from a remark saying that the total amount of bETH that can be bridged back to Ethereum cannot be larger than the total amount of ETH that was bridged in before (which is perfectly logical). This remark was made for the bridge as a whole, and not for single users.


Oh phew, I was gonna say, seemed odd

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