Beam inscriptions

If someone wanted to put inscriptions on the BEAM blockchain, what would be their best option? What kind of transaction has the largest fraction of bits that can be set arbitrarily?
Pure mimblewimble inputs and outputs should have none, while kernels allow some in the fees and lockheights (more in the max height). What about lelantus txs? And what about smart contracts?

I am not exactly sure, for several reasons:

  1. I do not understand the concept inscriptions (at all, but even more so) on blockchains with smart contracts that can explicitly store data. Just create a smart contract and write whatever you want into it

  2. MW does not really have transactions, so using inputs and outputs is pointless. Kernels can be used for this, since they remain in the chain. Not sure about the size limitations

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Ok, so the answer is that BEAM smart contracts can store large amounts of arbitrary data. Thanks.

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for beam and grin inscriptions (ordinals & runes) are super bad idea lol