Where to find latest beam desktop wallet (not Chrome extension)?

Am currently running 7.3 desktop wallet and wanted to upgrade. Selected linux and all I see is 7.5 as a Chrome extension or node.

I run no extensions because I don’t trust them watching all my browsing activity, or zero days with unexpected side effects. So, where is the 7.5 AppImage?


It’s available on both Github and the website

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Beam website download page needs a UI tweak. When I click “Linux” the download for the AppImage starts. But look just below is the word “AppImage” and it’s not a link… that text is actually closer to the other two links “Node” and “Details”. I can see that “Node” and “Details” are links because they are underlined but “Linux” or “AppImage” are not underlined.

If you’re going to have three download links then all of them need to be grouped together and styled the same. And the link needs to be clear, afterall, I am not downloading “Linux”. Suggestions; make “Desktop AppImage” as the link and underline it like the other two links.