Show whether a dapp is contractually upgradeable, and a link to any audits from the dapp store

A dapp’s upgradeability and audit history is useful for folks to know, especially folks who may not ever think to seek out such information or be too technically incompetent or lazy to

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After thinking about it, I believe the requested feature is a bit more complicated than we think.

The DApp is basically only a web page. So, I suppose it is always upgradeable (although I think that the user would have to willingly accept to download the new version in their wallet).

What might actually be upgradeable or not, are the shaders that the DApp calls. And those shaders can be many (depending on the complexity of the DApp). I don’t think there will always be “one shader for one DApp”.

Thus, it would be difficult for the DApp store to provide the information about upgradeability (of the shaders called by each DApp)…

PS: Regarding the shaders themselves, I suppose that the explorer could provide the information about their upgradeability. That’s and interesting feature and it’s already something.

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Sounds good. I was just throwing out ideas. If it’s not technically feasible due to the underlying mechanics of the software then no worries