"Programmable money" ERC20-like tokens

it’s been briefly touched in a telegram discussion.

Current CAs are not programmable. Not like ERC20 tokens. But much of the crypto “fun stuff” requires programmability of the token itself.

In ERC20 the asset lives inside a smart contract and the token creators can define all kinds of special rules that apply to their token.
A simple example for such rules: Each time the asset gets transferred (any kind of tx), a fixed percentage of the amount is burned.

It was pointed out by Romanov that this would be easy to implement, but such tokens would have no CA-like privacy, because they would have to live within a shader.

To me this appears to be an acceptable trade-off, since the base currency Beam (from which one would trade into and out of these tokens) has full privacy. This new token type would thus be transparent, but sufficiently anonymous. Afaik each shader independently assigns a unique identity to each user. To my (limited) understanding this means that even if someone learns your account ID for token A it doesn’t mean they can know your account ID for token B.

If this feature request gets accepted, it should be assured that this new token type gets seemlessly integrated in wallets balances, swaps, dex - with equal usability as the CAs


This is the future; this is the main reason governments are so interested in crypto and creating CBDCs - programmability.

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